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I have a list of Kickstarters focused on comics here. There are quite a few here and so I’m not going to highlight them all, but one that really caught my eye is Kill Transit Tanager Through Karl Kerschl. I saw the art and immediately got Samus vibes and was intrigued. It sounds like a pretty cool comic. It’s also important to note that Rise of Izta launched this week and is almost over already, so hurry up if you like those. Which of these projects are you most interested in and what other projects should we look at? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Rise of Izta: graphic fantasy novel

    • George Mann & Mariano Laclaustra

War, dragons and magic. This Dragonbond series follows a young necromancer’s quest to protect her people from a devastating threat.

Set in the Dragonbond universe of Draco Studios, Rise of Itza is a 112-page graphic novel with all the trappings of the high fantasy genre: epic adventures, earth-shattering magic, superhuman entities and, of course, awe-inspiring dragons. Rise of Itza explores the origin story of young necromancer Itza Chapula as she fights to defend her people against the threat of war, armies of both the living and the dead, and a dragon determined to destroy her home.

  • Impossible Jones & American ANGEL

    • Karl Ksel

54+ pages, full-throttle finale of the IMPOSSIBLE TEAM-UP storyline.

The fourth and final team-up book! In a story this big, it needs EVERYONE. Who is the big bad guy? Certainly not Krampus. Holly’s former mentor is a determined, sadistic anti-Santa who wants to spread misery, but his only “power” is a whip with razor-sharp barbs. It’s not like he found a source of unlimited – uh-oh.

  • Burn With Me: A Graphic Novel

    • Stephen Ingram

A 100-page graphic novel about “modern folk horror”.

Burn With Me is a 100-page “modern folk horror” graphic novel about Jessica Bailey, a woman who returns to her hometown after serving twelve years in prison for the heinous crime she committed at the age of fourteen. With her father falling apart and the townspeople hostile to her, Jessica seeks out her friend Helen from the Old Manor House who would never, ever let her down… The story is about compulsive control, misguided beliefs and toxic friendships.

  • Cult Heroes Part 1: Of the Inglorious Kind

    • Raymond Estrada

A heroically gruesome comic book series about killing your heroes!

Your heroes are abandoning you?… Put them down! The sky is full of people in capes. A mysterious deformed self-proclaimed “Hero” – a cult hero! — embarks on a murderous path alongside Razor Blade Mary “The Holy Mother of Blades” to make room upstairs. Their bloody pile of hooded crusaders leads to an aimless young gifted Jamie, daughter of a long-retired hero about to face his bloody penance. This is Cult Heroes. No heroes. Just villains.

  • Dead people throw the best parties

    • Caleb Henshaw

Art’s life may be over, but the party has only just begun.

Art’s life had become a comfortable but unfulfilled routine. That is, until he suddenly dies and is whisked away to the Interzone – a chaotic city of the dead – and his entire existence is turned upside down. At first, Art wants to escape back to the world of the living as a ghost, but finds an unlikely friend in Randy, a rowdy drunken skeleton. Together they embark on a crazy night full of booze, dead celebrities and dangerous insect gangsters. With Randy’s help, Art learns that maybe being dead isn’t so bad after all! But will he choose to stay in the Interzone or return to the land of the living?

  • Kill Transit Tanager

    • Karl Kerschl

A young woman with a strange gift travels the galaxy to help lost souls find their way home in this new sci-fi comic series.

Tanager Ray can talk to the dead. One of the few young women with this strange ability, she works as a Death Transit – a ferryman for lost souls trapped between here and the afterlife. Inspired by Metroid and Hellboy and LOTS of manga and anime, each issue of Death Transit Tanager is a space murder mystery filled with creeping fear and kinetic sci-fi action! The standalone main story follows Tanager on the job as she tracks down the body of an ancient asteroid miner, while the all-new Past Lives back-up story delves into her past in color – who was she before she became a Death Transit?

  • Fractured Realms: A Norse Horror Anthology

    • Paul Caroll

Twenty-four short horror comics about Nordic gods and monsters and the end of the world.

The darkest nights of Fimbulwinter are upon us, Ragnarok isn’t far behind and the Nine Realms are falling… welcome to Fractured Realms, the new anthology from Limit Break Comics. Norse mythology meets contemporary horror in this 24-story collection from Irish and international creators, totaling 96 pages.

  • Kisha: Demon Eater Vol.1 in color

    • Newton Lilavois

Sixteen-year-old Kisha is sent to a small town with dark secrets, but Kisha has a few secrets of her own.

The ancient African demon king Kishi has hundreds of demon sons, but one day he fathers his first and only daughter: Kisha. Kishi discerns his daughter. But Demon Kisha seeks her father’s approval, so she starts devouring her demon brothers to get his attention and love. Angered by her actions, Kishi Demon imprisons Kisha to prevent her from eating his sons.

  • Slaughterhouse farm

    • Hellbound Media

Blood. Dead. Pigs. Grindhouse graphic horror novel.

Slaughterhouse Farm is a blood-soaked love letter to the grindhouse horror classics of the 1970s and 1980s. The horror of The Hills Have Eyes of Texas Chain Saw Massacre moved to the isolated mountains of North Wales. There’s tongue-in-cheek humor and a mysterious plot to uncover – but this comic is still filthy as hell, with beheadings, impalement and dismembered limbs to keep gore hounds happy. The story opens with Frankie and Julian taking a minibus full of troubled teens for a weekend in Snowdonia – but horror literally awaits just around the corner in the twisted form of Pigfucker!

  • Vesper & Onion: a collector’s story

    • Vera Greentea & Sarah Webb

A comic about a witch and her familiar search for a rare mushroom.

Vesper is a young witch who is apprenticed to the Great Witches of Castagno as Forager, a seeker of hard-to-find ingredients for magical spells. Together with her expressive familiar cat, Onion, she must find a rare, dangerous mushroom in the Sacred Woods of Chanticleer. If you like warm and cozy adventures like Kiki’s Delivery Service, you’ll love this cup of tea.

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