France vs Wales Live Stream: Watch Six Nations Rugby Free

If you’re interested in watching the exciting live stream between France and Wales for the final Six Nations Rugby event on Super Saturday, you’re not alone. We could see history here with France closing in on a prominent Six Nations win – it would be their first major win since 2010. It’s going to be a dramatic game for sure, but if you want to watch live you need to know exactly where to go . Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the best places to watch the match live, possibly even for free. Keep reading to find out your best options for watching the live stream between France and Wales.

Watch the France vs Wales live stream on FuboTV

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As NBC and CNBC are the official broadcasters of Six Nations matches this year, you can also watch the live stream between France and Wales on FuboTV. Plans start at $75 per month and include over 100 channels of live sports and TV content, plus up to 1,000 hours of cloud DVR, so you can record live content to watch later if you can’t be there to watch when it’s is broadcast. You can also stream on up to ten devices simultaneously on smart TVs, streaming media players, mobile devices and more. But get this, FuboTV’s free trial allows new subscribers to watch for free for up to an entire month. However, make sure everything is set up and the apps installed on your devices before the big game starts so you don’t miss a thing.

Watch the live stream between France and Wales on Sling TV

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The official broadcast channel of Six Nations games in the United States is NBC, or CNBC, which can be viewed on Sling TV’s service, or more specifically Sling Blue. That means with an active Sling Blue subscription you can watch the France vs Wales live stream on just about any device. Sling Blue starts at $40 a month and includes access to over 40 live cable channels and a plethora of on-demand content. There is no free trial of Sling TV, but new subscribers can try the service for $20 for the first month.

Watch the live stream between France and Wales on Peacock TV

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By far the cheapest option, outside of FuboTV’s free trial, is Peacock TV for $5 a month, NBCUniversal’s streaming service. Since the Six Nations games are broadcast on NBC and CNBC, you can watch them all through Peacock. There is no free trial of Peacock TV because the service already offers a free tier that lets you watch a ton of content without even sharing credit card information. Unfortunately, to watch the Six Nations games you have to be a premium subscriber, but again, Peacock TV is one of the most affordable streaming options on this list.

Watch the live stream between France and Wales on Hulu with live TV

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Since Hulu offers access to NBC Sports with Live TV, you can also watch the France vs Wales live stream and other Six Nations matches there. While the standard free trial of Hulu exists, there is no free trial of Hulu with Live TV, so keep that in mind. Starting at $70 a month, you get over 90 live cable channels, plus access to ESPN+ and Disney+ as part of your subscription. That means you have access to a ton of excellent on-demand content across all those services and even more live sporting events. Hulu with Live TV also comes with unlimited DVR recording so you can replay events or watch them later if you weren’t available for the live broadcast.

Watch the France vs Wales live stream on YouTube with Live TV

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Because YouTube does provide access to NBC Sports with Live TV, you can watch Six Nations matches through the service, including the live stream between France and Wales on Super Saturday. There’s a free YouTube TV trial for new subscribers, which lets you try out the service for up to two weeks. Otherwise it will cost you $65 per month for over 100 live channels. There is currently a deal that offers new subscribers their first three months for just $55, saving you $10 a month or $30 over three months.

Watch the live stream between France and Wales from abroad with a VPN

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If you are an American traveling abroad, or you are outside your home country, access to your favorite streaming services may be blocked. That’s because some streaming providers have region-restricted access, which essentially locks you out when your IP address matches a blocked region or country. The best way around this is to use a VPN or virtual private network, which assigns you a new, masked IP address. The masked IP address replaces your original, making it appear that you are browsing from the server’s country, in this case the United States.

Our top recommendation for a VPN service is NordVPN, which protects your privacy and anonymity while browsing and helps you access region- or geo-locked content. The best part is that there is a NordVPN free trial that allows you to use the service for free for up to a month and enjoy protected browsing. If you set everything up now, you’ll be ready to watch the live stream between France and Wales when it airs.

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