Maggie Murdaugh’s friends break silence for the first time after husband Alex is convicted of murder

Friends of murdered South Carolina mother-of-two Maggie Murdaugh have broken their silence for the first time after her husband Alex was convicted of her brutal murder.

Caroline Price and Shellie West spoke to CBS’ 48 Hours about the 52-year-old because they said they wanted their old friend to be remembered for who she was — and not the victim of a heinous crime she became.

While swallowing their tears, they described her as a “dutiful wife” to the man who later killed her and a “loving” mother to the couple’s sons, Paul and Buster.

“She was a person, she was a mother, she was a sister, she was a friend, she was a daughter,” Ms West said.

‘You know, she’s not ‘the woman who was murdered’. I mean, we don’t want her to be remembered that way.”

Maggie became a household name across America in the summer of 2021 when she and her son Paul, 22, were murdered on the well-to-do family’s 1,700-acre Moselle estate in Islandton, South Carolina.

It was the night of June 7, 2021 and the mother and son were in the dog kennels on the estate with Maggie’s husband and Paul’s father Alex Murdaugh.

Murdaugh – a powerful attorney and the heir to a prominent South Carolina legal dynasty – shot Paul twice with a shotgun and Maggie five times with a semi-automatic rifle in a gruesome attack.

The killer then called 911 and claimed to have discovered his family’s bodies.

No arrests were made in the case for 13 months, but their deaths brought a string of other scandals surrounding the family into the spotlight.

At the time of his death, Paul was awaiting trial for the 2019 death of his 19-year-old friend Mallory Beach.

Alex and Maggie Murdaugh pictured together

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Alex and Maggie Murdaugh pictured together


Months after the murders, it emerged that Murdaugh stole millions of dollars from his law firm PMPED and its clients and was hit with a series of charges.

He also ended up at the center of a failed assassin plot – one that Murdaugh was later revealed to have allegedly set up.

Finally, in July 2022, Murdaugh was charged with the murder of his wife and son.

In his high-profile murder trial that ended earlier this month, he was convicted of all charges and sentenced to life in prison.

During the trial, little was heard about his wife Maggie and the life she led prior to her untimely death – something her two friends hoped to rectify.

Ms. Price and Ms. West told CBS they feel Maggie is “definitely” lost in the saga.

The three women first met in college when they all attended the University of South Carolina together. It was also here that Maggie met her future husband.

Ms. Price said she was Maggie’s “big sister” in the Kappa Delta sorority of which they were both members.

After they all graduated, Maggie and Mrs. West lived together.

All three remained very close friends over the years and the two women were both part of Maggie’s marriage to Murdaugh.

Maggie Murdaugh’s friends speak out for first time

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Maggie Murdaugh’s friends speak out for the first time

(CBS 48 hours)

While Murdaugh was “larger than life”, Maggie was “not flashy at all”, Ms Price said.

“She was shy in some ways,” she said.

Ms West said she wants people to know their friend “was fun”.

“She had a personality, that she was witty. She liked things. She loved her family,” she said.

“She wasn’t the type of person who would stand out in a crowd, but she was always there, you know, supporting everyone.”

The friends described how she adored Paul and Buster – Alex and Maggie’s surviving son – and joked that she was “almost too much” in love with them.

“She was a good mother. She loved those boys—almost too much because they didn’t even know how to wash their clothes,” Mrs. Price said.

“She did everything for them. And she loved them very much. She was happy, proud and very loving.”

She added: “She loved her family. I mean, her boys. She was also very close to her parents and her sister.

“She was a dutiful woman, you know, she supported Alex… She supported him.”

Maggie’s friends spoke out just days after Murdaugh’s lawyers filed a notice to appeal his conviction for the murders of his wife and son.

Following his conviction, the spotlight has now turned to some other mysterious deaths linked to the Murdaugh family.

Days after the murders, an investigation was reopened into the 2015 death of Stephen Smith, who was found dead in the middle of a road in Hampton County.

The openly gay 19-year-old suffered blunt force trauma to the head and his death was officially ruled a hit and run. But Smith’s family has long doubted this version of events, with Murdaugh’s name popping up in several police tips and community rumors.

Smith’s mother Sandy Smith launched a GoFundMe this week to raise money for a dig and independent autopsy as she continues to fight for answers.

Meanwhile, an investigation is also underway into the mysterious death of Gloria Satterfield, Murdaugh’s old housekeeper.

She died in 2018 in a mysterious travel and fall accident at the family home. Murdaugh then allegedly stole about $4 million in a wrongful settlement from her sons.

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